What’s in a name?Percipient definition

People often say, “Percipient – that’s a good word !   What does it mean?”

Insightful, perceptive, wise, responsive, sensible, quick witted, sensitive and understanding.

Percipient by name, percipient by nature.

See also warm, friendly, and approachable.


Background and Experience

My background is in Quality Management, Audit and Compliance.  In my early twenties I was introduced to Quality Management and almost 30 years later, I am still guided by the quality principles I learnt back then

  • Exceeding customer expectations and providing exceptional customer service
  • Continuous improvement
  • Understanding your risks and what can go wrong, so that you can mitigate against the worst happening

I have 16 years experience working in audit and compliance role within business process outsourcing, providing finance and accounting and payroll services to central government and private sector clients.  I have a strong background in ISO 9001 quality standards and ISO 27001 Information Security standards.  I’ve lost track of the number of audits I’ve completed and the number of times I’ve hosted external audits by Information Security and Quality auditors as well as The National Audit Office.   But I can tell you it is an awful lot.

As an experienced auditor of large scale payments, accounts, payroll and related IT and help-desk processes, I have a thorough understanding of best practise systems, procedures and processes and the essential data security required to keep personal data safe and secure across all departments within an organisation.

Over the years I’ve trained as a Lead Auditor, Prince II Project Management Practitioner and I am an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist, completing my training in 2016 with the NHS counter fraud authority.

I started Data Protection training back in 2007 – when the old Data Protection Act 1998 was still the law and GDPR wasn’t yet a thing.    (I’ve obviously updated my training a little since then!).   Once I’d delivered Data Protection and Fraud Awareness training to over 2,500 employees, I stopped counting and keeping stats.

I get a buzz out of teaching people, helping them to understand and motivating them to make a change for the better.    My passion lies in helping  people protect themselves from accidental data loss and fraud, ensuring that their most valuable asset – their personal data – is kept safe.

I’m on a mission to help small business owners understand everything they need to have in place to comply with the UK GDPR and Data Protection regulations, as well as protecting themselves and their businesses from data loss and fraud.

The bits you won’t find on my CV

When I’m not helping people to protect their personal data, I can usually be found putting my Psychology degree to good use and am currently working towards a professional Coaching qualification.  I am a firm believer that life is better in flip flops.   I love upcycling, chocolate, star gazing, pottering about in the garden, ice cream of any flavour, exploring new cities, people watching and drinking copious amounts of tea.