What’s in a name?Percipient definition

Insightful, perceptive, understanding, responsive and quick witted nicely sums up the spirit, culture and ethos of the business and the services provided.

Percipient by name, percipient by nature.

We hope you will also find us, friendly, approachable and a pleasure to do business with.


And the aim?

To help make data security a first thought, not an afterthought.

To work with and equip businesses and employees with the knowledge and tools to put data protection at the heart of their business, maintain compliance to the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR, reduce their risks of unauthorised or accidental loss of personal data and help prevent the risk of fraud.

To provide training that is educational, clear, simple, memorable, engaging and enjoyable, ensuring that the key messages are understood and stay with the individual long after the training has been delivered.

Passionate about data protection

“I get a buzz out of teaching people, helping them to understand and motivating them to make a change for the better.    My passion lies in helping businesses and people protect themselves from accidental data loss and fraud, ensuring that their most valuable asset – their personal data – is kept safe.   I passionately believe that everyone should have the tools to ensure that their identify, their most valuable asset is protected both at work and at home.”

Sarah Richards

Background and Experience

I have 18 years experience working in audit and compliance roles within business process outsourcing, providing finance and accounting and payroll services to central government and private sector clients.  As an experienced auditor of large scale payments, accounts, payroll and related IT and help-desk processes, I have a thorough understanding of best practise systems, procedures and processes and the essential data security required to keep personal data safe and secure across all functions and departments within an organisation.

I have a strong background in ISO 9001 quality standards and ISO 27001 Information Security standards.  I’ve previously training as an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor, Prince2 Project management practioner and I’m an accredited Local Counter Fraud Specialist, completing my training in 2016 with the NHS counter fraud authority.

Throughout my career I have produced and delivered various training packages including quality awareness, quality auditior, data protection and fraud awareness training in a variety of formats including classroom based, workshops and online and have been priviledged to provide training to over 2,500 employees (thankfully not all at the same time).

I have a keen interest in people and psychology, in fact my degree is in psychology and it’s fair to say that I never expected to end up following a career in compliance and assurance, but here I am !

I always found that the most satisfying and rewarding part of my job was delivering training, hearing that someone had found it really useful and better still, they were going to start doing things differently.     After 18 years of working in similar roles, I decided I’d like to start working for myself and focus on using my knowledge and expertise to help make a difference to more people, more often.